Jul 2022

This month’s prayer items are copied from our July 2022 newsletter—go there to see some pics and further info about the items below.

  • GIVE THANKS that David & Lina will be joining TMC staff as Chinese ministries pastoral couple.
  • GIVE THANKS that the Lord has provided the financial support for David & Lina to live and serve in Tokyo.
  • PRAY for David & Lina’s planning and preparation for moving to Tokyo, including transitioning out of their current church planting ministry, deciding where to live, and deciding where to send their children to school.
  • PRAY that the Lord will open the doors for us and SIM Singapore to obtain Japanese visas for David & Lina.
  • PRAY that the Lord will supply TMC with another English ministries missionary couple or single.
  • PRAY that the Lord will raise up a children’s ministry leader at TMC.
  • PRAY for assurance of salvation for K-san and especially that he will learn to know the love of Jesus.
  • PRAY that SW will learn to show his love for Jesus by obeying him when it is easier to follow the world’s ways.
  • PRAY that the Lord will provide TMC’s newest member H-san with better employment and improved health.

Thank you for Praying for the Tokyo Littles! – PTL #171

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