New Pastoral Couple for TMC Chinese Ministries

We praise the Lord for leading David & Lina to TMC through Singapore!

David & Lina are missionary appointees with SIM Singapore. David has worked in Tokyo and speaks Japanese quite well. After that he earned both a Masters and a professional Doctoral degree from a US evangelical seminary’s Chinese language program. His doctoral project was on discipleship. He has been both a pastor and a church planter. Lina has worked for a number of multinational companies with responsibilities in several North Asia countries and speaks excellent English. She does marriage counseling and serves in women’s and children’s ministries at their church.

A TMC Chinese Fellowship gathering, Nov 2021

***** (continued)
TMC has English, Japanese, and joint English-Japanese worship services on Sundays but only a monthly Chinese fellowship. Hoping to add a Chinese language worship service, we sent a recruitment email to the missionary community of Japan Evangelical Missionary Association seeking a couple to lead TMC's Chinese ministries. In early April we received a response from David & Lina.

TMC's Leadership Team (LT) gathered references for them and met with them by zoom several times. As appointees with SIM Singapore they have been well screened and have received some missionary training. TMC’s Chinese Fellowship also met with them. As a result, the LT recommended them to TMC members because of their background, qualifications and passion for Japan. So on July 10 members voted to extend an invitation and a week later they accepted.

The Lord continues to meet TMC’s pastoral needs in amazing ways! However, David & Lina are not from Singapore so the visa process for coming to Japan will require some extra work and perhaps creativity.