Our foundational ministry support team consists of 21 local churches of the Evangelical Free Church of Canada or the EFC of America, and about 20 individuals. They contribute to our foundational Ministry Account Budget.
10 EFC of America churches
AR, Hot Springs Village, Village Bible Church
CT, Trumbull, Calvary EFC
CT, Wethersfield, Wethersfield EFC
CT, Woodbridge, Trinity EFC
MA, Acton, Faith EFC
ME, Westbrook (greater Portland), Community of Grace
NJ, River Vale, River Vale Community Church
VT, Barre, Barre EFC
VT, Windsor, Trinity EFC
WA, Greenbank, Hillside EFC
11 EFC of Canada churches
BC, Abbotsford, Mill Lake Church
BC, Delta, Northside Community Church
BC, Goodlow EFC
BC, Richmond, Richmond Chinese EFC
BC, Sorrento, Sorrento EFC
BC, Surrey, Johnston Heights Church
BC, White Rock, White Rock Community Church
AB, Calgary, First EFC of Calgary
AB, Edmonton, Knox Church
AB, Lethbridge, EFC of Lethbridge
SK, Mont Nebo, Mont Nebo EFC


In 2023 and early 2024 we are visiting our US supporting churches (May, Nov, Jan) with plans to visit our Canadian supporting churches later in 2024 (May, Nov).

During the last half of 2020 we were scheduled to visit our US supporting churches that we had not seen since 2015. (We had visited our Canadian supporting churches in 2017.) But due to covid and Dale’s unrelated health challenges in 2020 (Dale is now doing OK), we were only able to visit a few US churches.

We visit the churches on our support team in order to report in-person about our ministry and life. We also try to visit individual supporters. Along the way we enjoy our family and find some relaxation and refreshment. We take short home assignments for only a few months at a time so we can continue our ministry in Tokyo and other countries in Asia. We’ve taken home assignments in 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2015, and 2017.

Click here to see a couple videos we have prepared for our supporting churches that can be used in worship services, etc. (Password required…contact Dale for it.)

2015_04 FEFC ME
Home assignment costs are factored into our ServeBeyond ministry budget so that it does not increase or decrease in the years we take home assignments.
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