TMC website: https://tokyochurch.org

Japan is known for its cultural conformity, perhaps euphemistically known as “harmony.” But Tokyo, the world’s largest megacity with a population of 37 million, is becoming increasingly culturally diverse because people from all over the world are moving to it. Its new cultural diversity is also sourced in Japanese people who have become internationalized by living outside Japan and have therefore gained a new perspective (Japanese “returnees”).
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Located within the second largest unreached people group and in the world’s largest megacity, TMC is a Christ centered, Bible based, disciple making church, trying to display the multi-faceted glory of God by worshiping and obeying Jesus Christ in a warm and welcoming multicultural setting.

About one-third of TMC attenders are Japanese with the remaining coming from more than 15 other countries. So TMC has ministries in three languages. Sunday worship services are held jointly in English and Japanese. Attendance is in the 40-50 range. (For reference, the average size of a congregation in Japan is about 30.) TMC's Chinese fellowship meets monthly, with the hope of adding a Sunday worship component. English and Japanese small groups meet once or twice a month.

The Lord has graciously provided TMC with four part-time, bi-vocational Japanese, English or Chinese ministries pastors/missionaries. In addition, Lord willing a full-time Chinese ministries pastoral/missionary couple will come in 2023. Two of these five are missionaries with ServeBeyond. A third is considering joining ServeBeyond.

With the input of the pastors/missionaries, TMC members make the major decisions about selection of leaders, budget, vision, Sunday worship services, starting or stopping ministries, etc.. The Leadership Team implements those decisions and carries out or delegates ministries. Members meet 2-3 times a year and the Leadership Team meets at least monthly.

Since the onset of covid in 2020 TMC has struggled with finances. But with the Mar/2023 decision of members to reduce pastoral salaries to part-time stipends (those that need financial support), the church is now in an excellent position to become financially stable. So TMC’s need for monthly subsidy has been reduced (Dale & Ann Littles’ ServeBeyond Ministry Expansion Fund #2-2302), and hopefully will only be required for larger one-time expenses.


Primary Partner Church
The primary partner church of TMC is the English Department of Musashino Chapel Center (MCC) on the west side of Tokyo, where the TMC dream began in 2007. The Littles served at MCC for over two years as the interim pastoral couple with the understanding that they would help MCC develop a church planting proposal and then be sent out to plant the church. The vision was realized when the Littles launched TMC on the east side of Tokyo in April 2013. MCC English Department and TMC have had various ways of connecting, including annual mothers day picnics.

Overseas Partner Churches
TMC also has one overseas partner church (Hallelujah Chinese EFC in Toronto, Ontario, Canada). In addition, one foundation in Canada and three individuals in the US partner with TMC. These partners contribute toward the TMC Church Planting Fund held at EFC of Canada Mission.

TMC desires to connect with new partner churches, church associations, mission agencies, or individuals that could help develop TMC’s language-specific ministries (Japanese, Chinese, Tagalog, etc.).

Evangelical Free Church (EFC)
TMC is an Evangelical Free Church, launched as a project of ServeBeyond, the international ministry arm of the EFC of Canada. TMC most closely reflects the ethos of the EFC of Canada and the EFC of America, and is affiliated with the EFC of Japan. TMC members and leaders sign the EFC of Canada 2008 Statement of Faith (read it here on TMC’s website).
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