Dale and Ann have served as missionaries in Japan since 1984, living in Nagoya, Sendai, and Tokyo.

From 1984-2004 (20 years) they were with ReachGlobal (EFC of America). Dale was the ReachGlobal Japan leader for five years (1989-94) until beginning doctoral studies in systematic theology. In 2004, for Canadian and US tax reasons, they transferred to ServeBeyond (EFC of Canada).

Ann was raised a farmer’s daughter in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, USA. Dale was born and raised in Japan as a missionary kid of Canadian parents. With their Canadian and American heritage, Dale and Ann visit their 23 supporting churches on both sides of the US/Canada border during their home assignments.

Dale’s parents, Lea and Louise Little, served first in China with China Inland Mission, then in Japan with Overseas Missionary Fellowship (formerly CIM) until 1965, then EFCA/EFCC in Japan and Canada until retirement in 1989. Dale’s father led the Japan field of the EFCA/EFCC until 1975 when he returned to Canada and became the founding director of ServeBeyond.

Ann and Dale met while seminary students at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in greater Chicago, Illinois, USA. Ann holds an M.A. in Christian Education, and Dale an M.Div. (missions emphasis) and a Ph.D. (systematic theology), all earned at TEDS. They were married in 1981 while seminary students. Their three married adult children live in the USA but whenever they can they love to visit Japan where they were raised or born.


While working in Japan first with ReachGlobal and now ServeBeyond, Dale & Ann have planted three churches in Japan (including TMC) and have served as the interim pastoral couple at another. Go to Tokyo Multicultural Church to learn about their current church planting ministry. Continue reading for past ministries.


Dale and Ann served as the interim pastoral couple of the English Department of Musashino Chapel Center or Tokyo Musashino EFC for three years. The interim arrangement was supposed to be for only one year. During that year they were to lay plans to be sent out by MCC to plant a church on the east side of central Tokyo after the lead pastoral couple returned from their one year home assignment.

However, the Littles’ interim ministry at MCC stretched to almost three years because a pastoral search was unexpectedly required. After seeing through the pastoral search and transition to the new pastoral couple at MCC, Dale and Ann were free to launch a new church. But first came a one year regularly scheduled home assignment and then one year of tsunami recovery ministry in northern Japan. It was with great joy that they were able to launch Tokyo Multicultural Church in Tokyo’s Sumida-ku in 2013.

While at MCC, both their boys graduated from high school at Christian Academy in Japan. In 2008 Bryan began his studies at LeTourneau University (Texas) and in 2010 Matthew began at Biola University (California). And during their two years of ministry at MCC, Kristy became the academic guidance counselor at CAJ, serving as a “tent maker” with ServeBeyond. Then in 2010 she began her doctoral studies at Rosemead School of Psychology (California).

SUNRISE CHAPEL (1999–2004)

Dale and Ann led the Sunrise Chapel (Higashimurayama EFC) church planting project in Tokyo for 5 years. This was just after completing an extended home assignment for visiting supporting churches and for Dale to complete his Ph.D. in theology.

Sunrise Chapel was the second church planting project of Musashino Chapel Center (MCC). It had begun about 1996 but needed full time leadership. After four years of church planting ministry, Sunrise Chapel was able to call its first full time Japanese pastor.

During this church planting ministry, their children Kristy, Bryan, and Matthew all attended the nearby school for missionary children, Christian Academy in Japan. This was an excellent schooling experience for them. Kristy graduated in 2002 and began college life at Trinity Western University (Vancouver, Canada).

OWARIASAHI EFC (1986–1994)

After Dale had completed two years of Japanese language study in the Tokyo area (Ann had studied part time), the Littles moved to the Nagoya area in 1986 to begin their church planting ministry.

Their Owariasahi EFC church plant was a joint partnership project between the Nagoya area EFC churches and ReachGlobal. The church planting ministry spanned eight years.

During those years they were joined at various times by colleagues Duane Dietze and Einar & Blanche Ford. This allowed the Littles to take a one year home assignment, and helped Dale focus on leading the Japan work of ReachGlobal. In 1994 Owariasahi EFC was ready to call its first full time Japanese pastor. And Dale and Ann began their next home assignment.

When they moved to Japan (Tokyo) in 1984 they arrived with their seven month old baby, Kristy. By the time they completed their church planting ministry at Owariasahi in 1994, the Lord had blessed them with two more children, Bryan and Matthew.
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