Mar 14, 2020

Dale’s Health
On Feb 11 Dale was hospitalized in Tokyo with a high fever, severe joint pain, and bacterial pneumonia in both lungs. He did not and does not have the new coronavirus, COVID-19. He was cleared of pneumonia and discharged after ten days on Feb 21.
Test results for pain in his joints were available ten days later: “polymyalgia rheumatica” (PMR), in which the immune system attacks healthy tissues resulting in inflammatory arthritis. His treatment is a gradually decreasing dosage of oral steroids for 4-6 weeks until an ongoing, regular dosage can be determined. The doc says he should be better by early- to mid-April. In the meantime, his pain continues, though gradually reducing, and his immune system is compromised. So he has temporarily stepped back from most church planting responsibilities, delegating those to our TMC leadership team.
* GIVE THANKS that Dale’s pneumonia has cleared up.
* PRAY that Dale’s joint pain will go away and that he will gain strength for life and ministry. The only ministry he has had the strength to do in Feb and Mar has been essential emails.
* PRAY for Ann as she has been Dale’s primary care giver.

Travel Plans
Our Asia EFC of Canada Mission retreat in Pattaya, Thailand Mar 30 - Apr 3 that we were leading has been cancelled due to COVID-19. But we are still planning to take our first short home assignment this year from sometime in April to mid-June, based in Maine. We hold our travel plans lightly these days due to COVID-19 and Dale’s health, resting in the assurance that our Lord is both loving and sovereign.
* PRAY for wisdom to know when we should travel.

Thank you for Praying for the Tokyo Littles! – PTL #152