Dale & Ann Little

Jan 29, 2018


* GIVE THANKS for the 15 TMC members and attenders who came to our first TMC membership meeting on January 21. We glanced back over the past several years, looked forward to our 2018 lineup of events, and opened the floor for discussion of several issues.
* PRAY that members will take increasing responsibility in decision making as TMC defines and refines its leadership structure.
* GIVE THANKS that by the end of 2017 TMC attenders were covering almost all of TMC’s monthly rental costs! The shortfall has been handled by our EFCCM Ministry Enhancement Fund. If we don’t need that fund for TMC in 2018 we hope to use it for beginning TMC#2’s launch fund.
* PRAY that the Lord will raise up missionary/pastoral leaders who will carry the TMC vision beyond 2020, including envisioning and launching TMC#2. We look forward to leading such a team in the years to come! This is TMC’s most important and urgent prayer request for 2018.

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Thank you for Praying for The Littles! – PTL #129