Dale and Ann Little
Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission

Nov 23, 2019

NOTE: This month’s prayer items are copied from our November 2019 newsletter. Please go there to see pics and further info about the items below.


* PRAISE GOD for the launch of our Japanese language worship service!
* PRAY for continuing ministry strength and joy for Pastor Moto.
* PRAY that Sunday offerings at TMC will cover all of Pastor Moto’s expenses in the next few years and that we might see an increase in our TMC Startup Fund.
(EFCCM MINISTRY EXPANSION FUND 2-2302: TMC Church Planting Startup and Leadership Development Fund. Click here for details about how to give.)
* PRAISE GOD for decisions for Jesus by LQ (baptism) and MK (salvation)!
* PRAISE for the launch of Waku Waku Family Time!
* PRAY for the planning and preparation that needs to be done over the next several weeks and that in addition to having a “waku waku” time, families will be impacted with the wonderful message of Jesus.


Thank you for Praying for the Tokyo Littles! – PTL #148