TMC Summer Outreach English

During the week of July 24–29 we held our annual outreach English classes at Tokyo Multicultural Church. This year the Forster family from Hillside EFC in Greenbank WA, one of our supporting churches, joined us. Prior to the classes we prayer-walked in our corner of central Tokyo and held orientation sessions.

It is said that in Japan at least 10 years is required from first clearly hearing about Jesus Christ until coming to faith in him. Furthermore, because of group thinking in Japan (as opposed to the individualism of the West) it is strategic for Japanese people to be enfolded in a church for their journey to Christ and ongoing growth in the faith.

Although 70% of those who attend TMC hold foreign passports, reaching Japanese for Christ is at the center of TMC’s thinking. Our summer English classes help us implement that vision.

Several of the seven children in Ann’s moms and tots afternoon classes (and one more who cancelled) were invited by one of the moms. These children and their moms all seem interested in joining Ann’s weekly classes. If they do, they will continue to learn English as well as Bible stories.

The six adult students in evening classes (and two more who had to cancel) registered largely because they already knew about TMC’s English conversation program. Three weeks later, one of them, with a twinkle in his eye, told Dale that it is a miracle he has attended TMC each Sunday since the summer classes! Another student had started to attend TMC before the summer classes.

We are thankful for the opportunity our July 2017 English conversation classes gave us to once again share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

All students in TMC’s English classes—children and their moms as well as adult students—hear about Jesus Christ in Japanese.