Megumi Project Visit

Several times a year we drive to Onagawa town, Miyagi-ken, in northeastern Japan to visit the missionaries and salaried Japanese ladies at the Megumi Project. The central part of the town was completely destroyed by tsunami on March 11, 2011. On each visit we are impressed by the town’s progress in rebuilding.

The emotional and spiritual personal recovery of the ladies who work at Megumi Project is less visible but just as real. The ladies are survivors of the disaster and have been encouraged by the Christ-centered love shown to them by the missionaries leading the Onagawa Megumi Project and by the many unseen donors in the background.

The Japan Disaster Fund of the EFC of Canada Mission Asia Region (a Ministry Expansion Fund) was a great encouragement to Megumi Project. We are so pleased to see that Megumi Project is “bringing the love and hope of Jesus Christ to tsunami devastated northeastern coastal Japan”! That is the slogan we used when we served in tsunami recovery ministry in 2012, based in Sendai.

During our July 2017 visit we enjoyed lunch with the ladies hard at work in the trailer and then dropped by the Megumi Project store in the new promenade in central Onagawa. We also delivered a few used kimono to the ladies so they can continue to design and sell unique items made from kimono material.

Go to the Onagawa Megumi Project website to buy their beautiful products! All proceeds go to paying the salaries of the employed ladies.

Megumi Project is a social enterprise that repurposes vintage kimono products, creates community, and shares grace with people living in post-disaster Onagawa, Japan.