Summer 2015 English (1)

TMC is once again reaching out to our corner of Sumida-ku in Tokyo through evangelistic English conversation classes that include Bible teaching.

Four ReachGlobal summer short term missionaries are participating in the classes. On July 11 we held a teacher workshop at TMC for them. They went away with curriculum and teaching materials to help them prepare for their classes.

Ann teaches the moms&tots and kindergarten classes while the short termers teach the remaining classes. Ann and Duane teach the 10-15 minutes of Bible times in each class.

Classes run from Jul 28 - Aug 1 (Tue - Sat), with the following classes offered every day: moms&tots, kindergarten, grades 1-3, grades 4-6, and adults (beginners and intermediates). We had a distribution company deliver our flyers to more than 26,000 mailboxes in our area. And we invited the students already in Ann’s English classes.

Of the 21 registrations we received, 4 were for our moms&tots and kindergarten classes. The remaining 17 were for our adult evening classes.

Students will be invited to our Sun Aug 2 bilingual worship service to receive their “completion certificates.” By way of followup, we are hoping to start a weekly adult beginner outreach English class in September.