Visit From EFCC leaders

EFC of Canada leaders Bill Taylor (EFCC Executive Director) and Melvin Sayer (EFCC Mission Asia Director) visited TMC on June 7.

Mel has been in Japan at least annually since about 2010, but this was Bill’s first visit. We always appreciate Mel dropping by for a visit. But it was a special privilege for an EFCCM church planting project like TMC to have the EFCC Executive Director (= President) visit us!


In the morning Bill preached an encouraging sermon from Acts 6:1-7 titled "Ensuring and Handling Gospel Success.” Then in the afternoon he led a seminar about the EFCC.

This was a good opportunity for some TMCers who know little about the EFCC to learn first hand from the EFCC Executive Director. After all, TMC is an EFCCM church planting project!

Our solid connection with the EFCC is an encouragement to us.