TMC Little Lambs English Circle

2015_02 LittleLambTeachers
Ann is leading the launch of our TMC moms and tots weekly classes that she has named “Little Lambs English Circle."

Little Lambs English Circle classes include English teaching and songs for 2-3 year olds, as well as a Bible story. Lilly (from Taiwan) is helping Ann. Lilly and her husband Soshi (from Japan) have joined TMC for 9 months before they move back to Torrance California.

Two moms with their two year olds attended the first class on Feb 3. One of the moms has attended Ann’s English classes in our apartment complex and our children’s Christmas events there. The moms and tots did not want to go home after the first class! One mom suggested that Little Lambs become a daily class!

These moms are happy to invite their friends so we hope the class will grow. Building personal relationships is an excellent foundation for expanding our outreach English ministry.

2015_02 LittleLambs-2
To prepare for Little Lambs we bought some children’s furnishings and set up the fellowship area of our TMC facility for little children. Ann has been wanting to get TMC ready for children for a long time!