Dale and Ann Little
Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission

TMC Japanese Department Launched

On September 7 we launched our Japanese Department at Tokyo Multicultural Church by dividing into English and Japanese language groups for the sermon or Bible study time during the middle of the service. The joint part of the service includes singing in English and Japanese as well as children’s Bible stories mostly in English. This is our first step toward a Japanese language worship service, hopefully in the next few years.

Duane Dietze leads our new Japanese Department.

We plan to add other language-specific departments (Chinese Mandarin, Tagalog, Portuguese, etc.) because...
  • TMC celebrates God-given cultural diversity in the midst of a country famous for conformity.
  • We desire to display the multi-faceted glory of God by worshiping and obeying Jesus in a warm and welcoming multicultural setting in the center of Tokyo, the world's largest megacity.
If you want to practice your Japanese reading skills just click on the Japanese flag at our Tokyo Multicultural Church website!